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Meet Rick Coplen

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Democrat Rick Coplen: A Lifetime of Service

A husband, father, combat veteran, teacher and school board member, Rick Coplen has dedicated his life to serving our country and community. The son of a Mexican immigrant, Rick was taught hard work, equality, and service at an early age — values that took him to West Point, across the globe, and here to South Central PA where he serves on the local school board. Rick is running for Congress to help bring everyone the opportunity to pursue their own unique American dream.

Rick is a veteran. He started his journey at West Point and served in the U.S. Army under three presidents. He always upheld his oath to protect and defend the Constitution, not any specific person. While serving in the 82nd Airborne, Rick parachuted into combat.

Rick is a teacher. He followed in his mother's footsteps as a teacher. Rick has taught subjects like Economics, Business Ethics, Strategic Leadership, and International Relations to cadets at West Point, adult learners at Elizabethtown College, and senior leaders at the U.S. Army War College.

Rick is a husband and a dad to two amazing, accomplished daughters. One is a UVA Law graduate and U.S. Army lawyer; the other is an award-winning poet studying International Relations at Oxford. All these incredible women have shaped Rick and made him passionate about supporting women's rights — especially reproductive freedoms.

Rick is a community leader. Since 2015, Rick has served a member of the board of directors for the Carlisle Area School District. He's also a Rotarian, leader of the Rotary Veterans Initiative, and Board Member of the Employment Skills Center, helping displaced workers gain new skills in our changing economy.

Rick is a small business owner. Together with his wife, Lorelei, Rick runs Rendezvous Run Farm, LLC, where they care for and train sport horses. He knows the challenges of running a small business and wants to support others in building success.

With your support, Rick will be the next leader to represent Pennsylvania's 10th Congressional District in Congress. Join the team and get involved in our campaign to defend democratic ideals and individual freedoms, reduce gun violence and achieve gun safety, defend reproductive freedoms, and protect our environment.

"Republicans like Scott Perry have betrayed the Constitution, betrayed the Country and betrayed all of us in doing so. I'm running for Congress to fight for our democratic ideals and all of our freedoms."

- Rick Coplen

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Priorities for Congress:

  • Defend our democratic ideals, free elections and voting rights

  • Improve the quality of life for all our families, including: Financial Security & Affordable Healthcare

  • Reduce gun violence, achieve gun safety, and defend 2nd Amendment rights

  • Protect, advocate for, and advance reproductive freedom

  • Protect individual freedoms including speech, religion, assembly, press, thought, travel, and association

  • Protect our environment for our children’s future